Food Service

Premium Food Bases


Our Premium Food Bases are meat-first.They are shelf stable and can be used to create hearty, natural tasting stocks which are the basis for a wide range of flavorful soups, sauces, entrees and other culinary creations.

  • Premium Beef Base

    Premium Beef Base

    A paste containing Roast Beef and Concentrated Beef Stock that is combined with other flavoring materials. It conforms to all USDA requirements for Beef Base.

  • Premium Chicken Base

    Premium Chicken Base

    Better Than Bouillon Chicken Base is one of our signature products. Use it to create an amazing chicken soup or add it to rice to give it that robust flavor your family is looking for.

  • Premium Clam Base

    Premium Clam Base

    If your looking for the perfect ingredient for your classic clam chowder then look no further. Our Clam Base is made with cooked clams and juices to give your chowder the type of flavor it deserves.

  • Premium Vegetable Base

    Premium Vegetable Base

    A rich base that's made by combining real sautéed onions, celery, and carrots. This is the perfect starting point to create vegetable broth, minestrone soup or add it to rice for minimal flavor.