Better Than Bouillon

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Better than Bouillon Concentrated Stocks are made from meat (or vegetables). This gives them a richer, more robust flavor than ordinary bouillons or soup bases. Our Chicken tastes like Chicken because it IS Chicken; our beef tastes like beef because it IS beef. No Fat, Lower Sodium: Better Than Bouillon Concentrated Stocks are fat free and have 1/3 less salt than ordinary bouillons. 16 oz Case Available on the Food Service Section

  • Au Jus Base

    Au Jus Base

    Our Au Jus Base is made from Beef Stock and Red Wine. It makes a perfect Au Jus for French Dip Sandwiches and Prime Rib.

  • Beef Base

    Beef Base

    Made from Roast Beef and Concentrated Beef Stock. Our Beef Base adds the perfect flavor in dishes such as Beef Stroganoff or Beef Stew.

  • Chicken Base

    Chicken Base

    Better Than Bouillon Chicken Base is one of our signature products. Use it to create an amazing chicken soup or add it to rice to give it that robust flavor your family is looking for.

  • Chili Base

    Chili Base

    Made from select chilies, our Chili Base will give your next pot of chili the perfect combination of taste,color, and aroma. Your friends will beg for the recipe.

  • Clam Base

    Clam Base

    If your looking for the perfect ingredient for your classic clam chowder then look no further. Our Clam Base is made with cooked clams and juices to give your chowder the type of flavor it deserves.

  • Fish Base

    Fish Base

    Our Fish Base is made from cooked white fish. It is a key ingredient when making traditional bouillabaisse.

  • Ham Base

    Ham Base

    Looking to add something special to your freshly cooked vegetables or lentil soup. Our Ham Base gives you that smokey ham flavor you need.

  • Lobster Base

    Lobster Base

    Makes an incredible Lobster Bisque in case you want to show off your gourmet cooking skills to your friends and family.

  • Mushroom Base

    Mushroom Base

    Cream of Mushroom or Mushroom Gravy are easily made with our Mushroom Base, made from sautéed mushrooms.

  • Turkey Base

    Turkey Base

    Our Turkey Base is made with real Turkey meat and natural juices. Use it to make an impressive gravy for the Holidays.

  • Vegetable Base

    Vegetable Base

    A rich base that's made by combining real sautéed onions, celery, and carrots. This is the perfect starting point to create vegetable broth, minestrone soup or add it to rice for minimal flavor.